SEO Services

Search engine marketing and optimization is designing, writing, and coding (in HTML) your entire web site so that there is a good chance that your web pages will appear at the top of search engine queries for your selected keywords and keyword phrases. Proper site submission and monitoring is also important.
We have a 100% success rate at getting client sites listed at the top of search engine results since 1995. Macro Design Studio provides a variety of options for increasing your site's search engine visibility:

■Keyword research
■Search engine copywriting and keyword placement
■Site design analysis and recommendations
■Traffic Node/Information Page development
■Site submission and monitoring
■Pay-per-click search engines
■Search engine visibility training

Keyword research
All search engine marketing begins with keyword research. We will do the necessary keyword research to determine the best search engine and directory keyword phrases for your business. The most effective search engine marketing campaigns have a combination of: effective keyword selection, optimal keyword placement, and solid link development.

Search engine copywriting and keyword placement
Rewriting your web pages for better search engine indexing is the next step. We can help you write more effective titles, meta tags, and other web text. We also provide training in this area.

Site design analysis and recommendations
Very few people design web sites with search engine visibility in mind, which is what makes Grantastic Designs unique. The most cost-efficient time to contact us to help you optimize your design templates in the initial design or redesign phase.

Even if we did not design your site, we can help you make HTML and scripting modifications that can help your site index better in the search engines.
Traffic Node/Information Page development

A Traffic Node is a series or group of web pages, called Information Pages, that are tailored specifically for end users who find your site via both the search engines and directories. They are built in to your web site and visually match your current design. (Read more about the difference between Information Pages and doorway pages.)

A Traffic Node generally costs between $200 to $600 per page (cost is dependent on the complexity of the pages created) with a minimum commitment of 8 pages.

Site submission and monitoring
Grantastic Designs will submit your site to the search engines that tend deliver the most effective results. And we can provide site monitoring on a quarterly basis. The most effective search engines are:
■AOL Search
■FAST Search
■HotBot and other Inktomi-based engines
■MSN Search
■Other search engines at your request

We also can assist you with directory submission (Yahoo, Open Directory, etc.)

Pay-per-click search engines
A successful pay-per-click search engine campaign involves multiple tasks:
■Selecting the most cost-effective keyword phrases
■Selecting the best PPC programs
■Writing effective ads
■Designing and writing effective landing pages

Select all of these search engine advertising services, or only the ones you need to get the best PPC campaign for your business.

If you have any specific questions about our directory enhancement, link development, or search engine marketing services,